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How long does it take ArticlesandSubmissions.com to write and submit our articles?

We guarantee to finish writing and submitting each article by the end of each month. From start to finish it takes a few days. We research, write, edit, then post the articles on various article directory and social media sites.


What makes your submission process better than others?

We submit manually. We use humans, not programs to send articles throughout the world. We've found that using automated systems just isn't as effective. We also participate socially in the sites where we submit, to increase our relationships with consumers and online viewers. Also, without sharing our proprietary process, we submit vertically instead of horizontally. That means we send your article from one site to another until it eventually lands on your website. Other companies might submit to various directories, but when they send them straight to your website, Google smells something fishy and doesn't rate it as well. That's another reason why manual submission is so important!


What is the process for getting A&S to edit my book?

First purchase the book editing on our website. If it is a longer book, you will need to purchase additional book editing orders for the same book. Then send us the book - preferably in Microsoft Word. We will contact you several times throughout the revision process, more-so at the beginning of the process than in the middle. We will edit for grammar, style, organization, and content. Each chapter will be sent for your approval. At the end we will send the entire document. Our goal is to make you look like a professional! We will send back the edited version with mark-ups using Microsoft Word 'Review' software. If you have any additional questions, you can contact us by email or phone.


What is Ghost Writing?

We ghost write books for people who want to write a book, but don't want to 'write it.' Usually what happens is that the author will use a voice recorder of some type and record their book chapter by chapter. Sometimes they will give us tons of research and documentation plus require some recorded phone calls. When we get the recording and/or research, we will go to work organizing, repairing grammar, character, and/or style/chronology issues, etc. Next, we send the author the book for review before making our final changes before the author receives the book ready for him or her to submit it for publication.


Why do so many professionals choose A&S over the competition?

Besides our industry exclusive Double Your Money Back Guarantee, here are a few reasons why we're better:
1. All of our articles are written and edited by college students or graduates who reside in the U.S.A..
2. Our submission system is second to none. We manually submit to sites that we know will get the attention of your potential clients.
3. We provide ownership to the purchaser of the article to use as they see fit without additional costs.
4. We provide a report of keywords and articles for customers on a monthly basis.
5. Our submission system is consistent, making your brand, product, and keywords more relevant to Google.
6. We have a streamlined customer service department to resolve any concerns quickly and efficiently.
7. Our prices for writing and submitting articles is the same price as what many companies charge for articles only.
8. We provide quick, quality work, usually providing the service requested within 7-10 days of receiving payment.
9. Every article we write for our clients is unique. We do not spin our articles.
10. We provide additional services like video articles and ghost writing not offered by the competition.


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